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8 Tips for Safer Forklift Truck Usage in Your Storage Facility

Forklift trucks are a vital asset to any warehouse or storage facility. They are extremely useful when operated correctly, but they are also capable of causing serious injuries when things go wrong.

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Here are eight ways in which you can make sure that forklift trucks are operated safely in your storage facility.

1.      Make Sure That All Operators Are Qualified

All operators of forklift trucks should have a licence to show that they have been trained in how to use them safely. Only employees with a licence should operate the trucks.

2.      Wear Appropriate Clothing

According to the Health and Safety Executive, many jobs involving transport and moving vehicles require employees to wear high-visibility clothing so that they are visible at all times. The clothing must fit properly so that it does not get caught in controls.

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3.       Regularly Examine the Equipment

Checks must be carried out before starting the forklift, and they must include brakes and steering. Maintenance issues must be rectified before the equipment is used.

4.      Make Adjustments Before Starting Up

The operator must make sure that the seat position is correct and that all the controls are within reach before starting up.

5.      Operate in a Safe Environment

It is wise to invest in industrial shelving in Ireland from a supplier such as https://www.rackzone.ie/shelving/industrial-residential-shelving so that items can be stored safely with the minimum risk of tipping over. The operator must be aware of low roof heights and doorways that could hit the overhead guard of the forklift.

6.      Keep to a Low Speed

The safe operating speed limit of the forklift truck should never be exceeded. It is particularly important to take corners at low speeds and to come to a halt gradually.

7.      Stay Focussed to Avoid Hazards

The operator needs to look out for and avoid bumps and uneven ground. Slippery surfaces and loose ground can also be hazardous. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. The horn should be used to alert pedestrians and other drivers.

8.      Only Carry Stable Loads

Loads should be stable and free from damage. Loads should be tilted backwards, and the forks should stay low to aid stability. Loads should always be carefully stacked and positioned across both forks, and if necessary they should be secured with ropes or bindings.