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Escape Hour encourages teams to share their photos on social media

Many people have not played any escape game before so they often wonder whether it is worth spending time and money playing the escape game. In other cases, the group may have played escape games in other escape rooms, and would like to know whether Escape Hour is really better than the other escape game businesses. Though the Edmonton Escape Hour facility was opened only in 2019, within a short span of one year it has become the top rated escape room in the city. However, the most convincing evidence that escaping the Escape Hour locker room is a very enjoyable experience are the happy faces of the teams posted on the Instagram page of Escape Hour

While everyone enjoys watching detective movies, television serials, and playing video games, escape games are becoming extremely popular since they allow the players to participate in their own reality show. Each escape room in Edmonton as well as Calgary has been developed after extensive research, with great attention to details, so that it is a very immersive experience for the players. The decor, special effects and other features of the room are so well designed that the players are totally engrossed in the game, and do their best to complete the game within the allocated time of one hour.

Typically most groups are extremely elated when they complete the challenging and mentally stimulating escape game. To celebrate the event, Escape Hour helps them in taking photos which will remind them of the enjoyable escape game which they played. In addition to the signboard with the message “We did it!” and Escape Hour logo in black, red and white, they can also wear props which are associated with the game which they played. These props include headgear like caps, hats, other fashion accessories, cardboard cuts, and paper swords.

The team can also celebrate the event having a party with food and drinks. Escape Hour has a private lounge which the team can book, for holding a party after the team has completed the escape game. Players and teams are encouraged to post their photos after completing the escape game on their social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. After uploading these photos, they should tag them with Escape Hour. This will also make them eligible for the monthly contests which Escape Hour is holding to reward teams for sharing their escape game experience with their social media followers. The contest winners will win discounts for the next game they play at Escape Hour.